Employee party in employment discussions with employer

Whopee!  and thank you so much for your involvement absolutely brilliant, you have made my day.

Principal of professional practice, Employer party in employment problem

Can I take the opportunity to thank you, on behalf of us all, for managing what has been an extremely difficult situation, in such a professional and efficient manner. It has been much appreciated and we definitely couldn’t have done it without you!!

Employee seeking review of employment position

First of all, thank you for your time today. It was a huge help to have another – much more knowledgeable – perspective on my situation!

Principal of professional firm

All the very best to you. It is really, really good to have you as a colleague and a sounding board and to know that you are always there to help even though we have moved to the shaky south.

Employer party in Employment Relations Authority proceedings

I engaged your services and my first comment about your assistance and subsequent matters is that I am darned glad I did. You came highly regarded by my Solicitor.

Throughout proceedings I was kept informed and advised on matters, to the extent I understood proceedings and this also kept me sane. I was informed constantly of consequences possible, and your advice gave me the confidence to do some very detailed research, which in the end was to help our salvation. Your knowledge of the law and employment proceedings is insurmountable. I was aware at all stages where I stood, worst case scenarios and all.

Your conduct during the subesquent meetings and Employment Relations Authority was awesome. The ability to cross examine in detail was indicative of a deep knowledge of the case facts, my research, and legal matters. This produced in me some large amount of confidence.

The end result of the hearing was a full vindication of my actions, and basically called the claims “had no basis” being “specious.”

I have every confidence that if anyone engaged the services of Chris Rowe, they will receive the best of advice and services.