Employee in employment dispute

I would like to thank you for your support and guidance.  You gave me strength when I was at a very low point. I will definitely recommend you to anyone else if they need assistance.

Principal of Accounting firm

I have absolute faith in Chris as I have been using her now for over 12 years without complaint or incidence. For the most part our clients enjoy dealing with her and she has saved them tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in regards to employment disputes.

Employee party in employment dispute

I just wanted to say that the letter (you wrote) encapsulated my sense of injustice and disadvantage as a result of a flawed process and outcome perfectly.  To pull all of this together and make such a coherent and compelling case for me is incredible.  Thank you.

Employer party in employment dispute

Many thanks for this and I really appreciate the calm, considered and very fair way that you always are in these situations.

Employee party in employment dispute

Dear Chris, I am so appreciative of the quality input, professionalism, and downright clear guidance you gave us all today. It was as I said ‘Star material!’ Thank you so much for seeing me through that meeting. I could not have achieved that solution without you.

Employee party in Employment Relations Authority proceedings

I am writing to thank you sincerely for your expert work, when you recently acted for me on an employment issue.

From our first meeting I was impressed with your empathy and very quick grasp of the facts and situation. You explained carefully and concisely the terms of engagement and the process that would have to be followed with a time frame.

Not only did I feel you truly believed me.  You showed me that you did. During the following weeks I remained impressed with your superb “no nonsense tolerated” attitude.  I believe the excellent result was achieved because of this.

Not only am I impressed with your knowledge and ability to work quickly your fees were very reasonable as well.

Employer needing guidance in employment matter

Thanks Chris, we really appreciate your service- you have done a great job.