Employment Investigations

Chris Rowe is often commissioned to independently investigate complex employment situations for employers.

An employment investigation may be initiated in relation to any alleged misconduct, misbehaviour  or performance of an employee.

Most commonly an investigation is convened after an Employer manager has completed an assessment of an allegation of employee misconduct or other serious matter, and has decided that an independent investigation is warranted.

Reasons for engaging an independent investigator like Chris might include:

  • The nature of the allegation e.g. serial bullying, sexual harassment
  • A real or perceived conflict of interest of internal staff normally responsible for dealing with complaints
  • Limited internal resources with the required expertise to conduct an investigation
  • No internal staff available or “uncontaminated” by events
  • Urgency

In this role, Chris provides an independent report to her client at the conclusion of her investigation and the client makes a decision on the appropriate action to to take.

Increasingly, employers depend on the findings from independent employment investigations in making decisions about possible disciplinary action to be taken against employees.

Such reports are frequently referred to in Employment Relations Authority hearings because, among other things, they provide a useful document trail prior to any decisions made by an Employer about an employment relationship problem.

Employment investigations often need to be carried out at short notice, and within a short time frame.  It is usually cost-effective to engage an independent investigator who can allocate the required time without interruption, and without the risk of bias or perceived bias from an internal practitioner completing the task.

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