Dispute Management

Whether it’s a personal grievance in the workplace, a multi party dispute, a proposed mediation, or a complaint to an organistaion, there are administrative matters to manage.

Experienced mediators are trained to manage these processes sensitively and with the ultimate purpose of assisting parties towards resolution of matters affecting their lives.

Management of disputes involves significant writing of letters and other communications. It is often cost-effective to engage an independent person who is a competent writer to prepare these communications because it saves time, energy and distraction for line managers.   This is particularly so when a business does not employ in-house human resources personnel.

Chris Rowe is an accomplished writer, and is used to dealing with the statutory processes which provide the umbrella for employment disputes. She also maintains networks with other organisations and professionals who can assist in keeping processes on track.

It is sensible to hand the management of disputes to people with relevant experience.  This is because any mismanagement of the people involved, or of any statutory processes, can be detrimental to the end result and/or can cause significant delays.

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