Conflict Prevention

There are many strategies for preventing conflict from occurring in employment. These include the following:

  • Having current employment agreements or other enforceable contracts
  • Taking great care with recruitment of employees so that they are the right fit for your workplace
  • Developing and maintaining comprehensive and clear policies and procedures for employees, and ensuring employees follow them
  • Developing complaints processes which are easy to negotiate and which demonstrate the laws of natural justice
  • Engaging a professional trainer or facilitator to run a customised session on conflict prevention and management in your workplace or business
  • Engaging a facilitator or mentor to engage on-on-one with employees who need or request guidance in managing staff effectively to avoid conflict becoming corrosive

Chris Rowe provides all the above services to her clients from time to time.

Through her networks with other simlarly trained and experienced colleagues, Chris is able to refer her clients to others if she has a conflict of interest or is unavailable.

What Our Clients Say

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